Brut sniper gas 600ml - Abbey

Todelliset arjen sniperit tarvitsevat laatua sekä tasaisuutta laukauksiinsa.

Varmistuthan ennen käyttöä että aseesi kestää tämän kaasun!

Paino: 600ml, 415 g
: Abbey

15,00 €

Most normal gases are lubricated which wets the hop-up. This means you need to apply more pressure which, in turn, slows the BBs. Slower BBs and reduced hop-up leads to less accuracy and poor performance. 

When using Brut Sniper Gas, you can reduce the pressure of the hop-up to increase muzzle velocity and still produce maximum back spin. Greater back spin gives a flatter trajectory which leads to higher accuracy. 

- New design allows for improved power and performance 
- Dry formulation keeps the hop-up in perfect condition for rapid fire on full auto 
- A blend of carefully selected gases produces maximum power for perfect shooting 
- Because you are not wetting the hop-up, your weapons will perform consistently throughout the weekend