ESS Crossbow vaihtolinssi, keltainen

Keltainen ESS vaihtolinssi. Sopii: Crossbow, supressor sekä crosshair laseihin.

Paino: 20 g
Valmistaja ESS
Vahvuus: 2.4mm polycarbonaatti
Väri: keltainen

36,00 €
Tilapäisesti loppunut

Hi-Def Yellow replacement lenses for the Crossbow eyeshield, built from extra-thick, 2.4mm high-impact polycarbonate.

Fits all Cross Series glasses: Crossbow, Suppressor, Crosshair

The Crossbow’s DedBolt Lens Lock system allows for rapid lens interchange. The ClearZone FlowCoat technology is engineered to eliminate fog inside the lens and prevent scratches outside. ESSOPTICS provide distortion-free clarity.

Please familiarize with ESS Lens Chart presenting the Visible Light Transmittance for all lens models of the company. It will let you choose lens tints and VLTs dependent upon your most-frequented environments.