Gate ohjelmoitava mosfet MERF 3.2

Gate – MERF 3.2 ohjelmoitava mosfet

Koko: 70mm x 19mm x 10mm
Paino: 15g
Valmistaja: Gate

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MERF 3.2 – Third generation of Mosfets. It has 10 functions. The newest is 3-rd burst firing mode. The system allows for lossless rate of fire adjustment and protects modern Li-Ion: LiPoly and LiFePO4 Batteries. It has active brake and protects your AEG by eliminating trigger burn-out. Smart Trigger allows for faster trigger response at the same rate of fire. Thanks two operating modes, system works with a standard and modified installation. No modification to your AEG is required. The circuit is compatible with most airsoft guns, including upgraded guns. It will operate with the strongest springs (including M170).


Active Brake
Protections for Li-Poly/Li-Ion/LiFePO4/NiCd batteries
Short-circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Rate Of Fire Control
3-rd burst mode
Smart Trigger
Operating modes: – Simple mode. No modification to your AEG is required. – Enhanced mode. Trigger connected to system.

The system works correctly in a wide range of voltages 3,2-15V
Compatibility with the strongest AEG replicas
Simple installation
Full protection
Very low current consumption in stand-by (0,15mA)
Very low resistance (2,4mΩ)
Compatible with all types of GearBox
4 LED display
Deans-T Connectors

It eliminates any loss of energy which occurs while mechanical contacts touch each other. It also makes sure they won’t burn unavoidably – the average life of mechanical contacts is 1 year. Thanks to this electronic circuit the battery energy is not lost while burning contacts but directed straight to the motor. In this way we get bigger rate of fire which results in quicker reaction of the trigger.


The motor and gears at work gather in the kinetic energy. This energy depends mainly on their speed. The maximum speed is reached after 4 shots. For this reason when you release the trigger the motor will not stop immediately – the energy accumulated in it, depending on the amount allows on few extra shoots. Active Brake functions:

1. In the sniper rifles, and during the shooting on SEMI, the brake will not allow to compression spring after the shot. The piston will always stop at the front position, so that will increase gearbox lifespan.

2. To rise of realism. After releasing the trigger in real guns are not fired extra bullets, as happens in AEG replicas. We do not waste ammunition.


SCP – Short Circuit Protection In the case of short-circuit installations, in milliseconds the system disconnects the battery. This is necessary for the protection of the Li-Poly. Shorting Li-Poly battery can cause permanent damage, destruction or even explosion of cells!

OTP – Over Temperature Protection Built-in thermometer measures the temperature of the system. If it exceeds a critical value, the system shuts down to prevent its destruction.

UVP – Under Voltage Protection Protects rechargeable Li-Ion: Li-Poly / LiFePO4 and NiCd against excessive discharge.

The fuse is reset immediately after the trigger is released. After another of his press, in milliseconds, executes a series of measurements, which determine whether the battery can be safely connected to the replica.


Allows for lossless rate of fire adjustment. Adjustment is possible in the range from 30 to 100%.


Allows for faster trigger response. It cooperates with the ROF Control system. During the first shot Smart Trigger sets ROF Control to 100%. After the first shot it is set of pre-programmed value, eg 30%. As a result, the first shot is fired with full rate of fire, and next shots with a reduced ROF. The best effect can be achieved using a battery with higher voltage than the standard. Then we will get faster trigger response at the same rate of fire as in case of standard battery


BURST mode allows you to save ammo and make rise of realism.

In simple mode the system can replace standard SAFE/SEMI/AUTO selector on:

In enhanced mode on:

If you release the trigger before end of 3-rd BURST, you can do 1-rd or 2-rd. BURST time is set in menu with 4ms (0,004s) resolution. The system will actively increase the preset time with a decrease rate of fire caused by discharging the battery.